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1. Why should I use a Travel Agent? 

There are countless reasons to use a Travel Agent! T.A's have special access to a variety of resources that can help you save money and plan your perfect vacation. They will help you plan from the minute you book all the way through to the days after you return home. I will help you with anything you need, be there if you need help, be there if your plans change throughout your trip, and overall be there for YOU! 

2. Do you just book Disney Vacations? 

No! While I have taken special courses/training in Disney Vacations, I have also done so for all other travel as well. Our motto is - If you can dream it, we can get you there! 

3. How much is it to use a Travel Agent?

Are you ready for this? Using me as a Travel Agent is 100% FREE! You will not have to pay a penny more to use my services. I earn my commission through the company we book through. 

4. What will my responsibilities be? 

I want you to be 100% involved in your trip - after all I want it to be perfect in your eyes. Once you fill out my booking form, we'll work together on planning a magical trip for you. I'll handle all the nitty gritty details and all you need to do is decide what to pack! 

5. Do you offer discounts? 

I have special resources to make sure your trip fits into your budget. I will also continue looking up until the day you leave to make sure that you are receiving the BEST price possible! 

1. When should I book my trip? 

As soon as you know your dates - let's get planning! Many bookings will be cheapest the further out you book your trip. However, I can also help you plan last minute adventures!

2. How do I book a trip?

Send me a message on my Contact page! 

3. Do I have to pay you up front for my vacation?

This depends on a variety of different things! Most vacations require a deposit. However, depending on how close to your vacation you book, and where you're going will factor into this.

4. If I already booked, can I use your services?

This depends! Send me a message and let's see what we can do! 

1. What Disney Vacations can you book?

We can help you book vacations to any Disney property all over the world! This includes Disney Cruise Line and Adventure's by Disney!

2. Do you book my dining reservations?

Yes! There is no need for you to get up at 6:00 AM on your 180 day mark to book those hard to get ADR's! I'll do this for you! We will plan which restaurants you want ahead of time. If you book within 180 days of arrival, I will do everything I can to get you your dream dining reservations - even if I have to look every single day! 

3. Do you book my Fast Passes for me? 

Yes! There is no need for you to worry about booking your Fast Passes 60 or 30 days prior {Disney World only!}. I'll do this for you!

4. Can you save me money? 

It's no secret that Disney offers discounts throughout the year. This may include a percentage off your package, Free Dining, and much more! The minute a deal is released, I will be working on applying it to your package. 

5. Can I just buy tickets through you? 

Yes! If you just need tickets to the Disneyland Resort - You can book them through me and receive my services, free of charge! 

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